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My rates

For a translation to be perfect it must flow well, use the appropriate terminology and create the impression that it was written for its target audience. Besides a perfect command of the language, this may require considerable research work and the ability to apply specialised terminology. However, a quality translation does not have to cost an arm and a leg. I make every effort to meet my clients halfway by offering them a cost-effective translation service, owing to my many years of experience.

My rates vary according to the type of document to be translated, the word count, the required delivery date and the quality of the source text. Generally, purely by way of example, they start at €0.06 per word for the translation of a curriculum vitae and a covering letter, €0.07 per word for birth, death and marriage certificates, simple medical certificates, and marketing materials, €0.08 per word for contracts and deeds, €0.09 per word for the translation of medical reports and medical records, up to €0.10 per word for medical and legal documents involving the translation of complex specialist terminology (Terms and Conditions apply).

I apply a minimum charge of €15 for all translation requests of less than 250 words, and a surcharge for rush requests.

The rates shown on this page are inclusive of quality check, formatting and certification (if required).

Accepted payment methods: SEPA bank transfer (preferred) and PayPal.

Some examples:

Translation of a 500-word CV (2 pages)

Translation of a 2500-word contract (10 pages)

Translation of a 1-page police certificate

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